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Supporting Your Business

Sometimes projects require new eyes and ears. That’s where we come in to consult.

Our goal and passion will help you save time and cut costs with efficient administration. 

FileMaker platforms allow for developing a tailor-made system based on a general foundation under the highest levels of security hundreds of thousands to individuals and firms have trusted for 30 years. 

We utilise this combined experience and planning to tailor custom solutions to your company's everyday processes. This makes the end solution fast-developed and very cost-effective. 

And it usually makes our customers very happy.

Moving from Excel?

Combined Experience

2App are aligned with Coamas Services, FBA members meaning, FileMaker Business Alliance members. 

What does that mean to you?

We have access to the developers who continually add features and improve how the FileMaker database system operates. This means our clients and their experiences using this database goes far, very far.

In essence, together with our clients we create cool and functional relational databases and in turn help create worldwide strong human relationships with our Alliances. 

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Service and Reliability

Safety and security are covered with the FileMaker platform. Even when your files are closed, they are now encrypted “at rest”.

No matter how you access it, be it a web browser, public server (we have a neat deal with Amazon Web Servers Worldwide) or a internal server scenario, your data is locked tight. 

SSL security and multilevel encryption are automated by FileMaker and checked by humans. 

Because protecting your data is our highest priority. We boast our responsiveness to your urgency, and we feel “we have your back”. We maintain a staff level and communication lines open as you may require. 

Services Offered


From Spreadsheets to FileMaker

Database development- Many of our clients made a shift to FileMaker Pro from Excel Spreadsheets to improve reliability of complex formulas, preserve their data and improve their hardware performance, as data sets get beyond a stable point within the Excel platform and relational databases are required.

Our clients vary in specialty, however all require the highest level of safety and security for their sensitive data. Our clients vary from City Councils, Valuers, Health Professionals and Community Care groups. Some of whom have used our core programs for 20 years. So, it’s clear we are getting things right for them. Enquire today.

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Security and Reliability

We use Apple’s FileMaker platform as the tried and tested ultimate database vehicle for sensitive data online and within Intranets. It outperforms all other systems and platforms and is always a step ahead after 30 years of improvements.

Our cloud server is SSL encrypted as our any FileMaker files, even at rest. Your safety has been assured by the worlds biggest company. 


Support and Training

We have trained groups in FileMaker for decades and have developed precise instruction manuals for all our products. We also have heterogeneous manuals with detailed screenshots and point by point instructions to empower your staff working with FileMaker Pro. Online instructions will be placed strategically within your customised solution where it is intuitive. 


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We  strive to stay in communication with our clients. Have a question about  our business, or want to see if we match your specific needs? Send us a  message, or give us a call. We're always happy to connect with new customers!

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